Case Study: DeLaval & Microsoft Migration

From Microsoft & Mission Critical Computing:

DeLaval provides dairy farmers with a range of equipment and solutions, such as milking systems, herd management services, and cleaning products. The company uses a Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) system for its mission-critical sales activities. When DeLaval sought to replace aging hardware for the Siebel system, it determined that upgrading the system’s Oracle database software would be prohibitively expensive. The company decided to replace Oracle with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise data management software and the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, running the software on an HP ProLiant DL380 server computer and a NetApp disk storage system. The Microsoft Application Platform products provide enterprise-level performance for the company’s mission-critical system at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent Oracle solution.

Here is the Case Study Write Up:



Microsoft Corporation

I have worked with the people at Mission Critical Computing for many years. They are knowledgeable experts in fields of ERP and CRM solutions.

Bryan Krieger

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, Washington


Altera Corporation

It has been my pleasure working with Mission Critical Computing. They are intelligent, hard working, and extremely knowledgeable in CRM and database performance/scalability. Their primary focus has always been to make the project successful without sacrificing quality. MCC is someone you definitely want on your team.

Jason Amici
CRM Manager

Altera Corporation
San Jose, California

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