What We Do

Mission Critical Computing works with customers deploying ERP & CRM solutions. Our specialization is how these large systems integrate within your underlying database architecture: The intersection of where the Enterprise Application meets the database.

We work with customers in all phases of deployments: evaluation, proof of concept, initial architecture, data loading, operations, high availability, hardware evaluation, sizings, SAN layout, database migrations, and performance issues.

Our expertise is in SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Axapta, and Navison on the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database platforms.

We look forward to helping you.


Mission Critical Computing has worked on some of the largest and complicated ERP & CRM systems worldwide over the last decade. These have spanned government, medical, high technology, postal , railway, manufacturing, oil & gas exploration, and education– to name just a few.

Our philosophy is based on long term relationships. Our experience has shown when the communication stops is typically when the issues begin. By having regular conversations, we are engaged in your ideas and vision. Where you want to go, and how we can help.

Let us work with you

We believe there are two ways to work: you can work hard, or you can work smart.

There is a time and place for each. Sometimes it makes sense to throw hardware at an issue– it’s cheaper than consultants. But many times, this is only a bandaid and avoiding the real issue.

MC2 strives to strike the right balance and to avoid issues of future scalability. Leverage the years of experience for some of the largest customers in the world into your architecture.


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